Wedding Loans

Want that fairytale wedding you’ve dreamed of, without the financial worry?

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Enjoy your big day

Wedding loans can help you enjoy your special day without worrying about finances! Here at MoneyShop, we love helping people begin their lives together in the best way possible. We work with you to make sure you get a personal wedding loan that’s perfect for you and the event you have in mind. With MoneyShop on your side, you’ll be able to choose the perfect venue, catering, photographer, and more—our loans can help you pay off as much or as little of the costs as you want. We can even help you finance the honeymoon afterwards!

How much do you need?
Amount $2000
Term 26 weeks
26 Payments
52 Payments
$100.63 per week
Loan Details
You are borrowing
You need to repay
26 weekly payments of approx.
Minimum repayment term
6 weeks
Maximum repayment term
26 weeks
Annual interest rate
You are borrowing
You need to repay
weekly payments of approx.
Minimum repayment term
Maximum repayment term
Annual interest rate

Why choose MoneyShop for your Wedding Loan

Here at MoneyShop, we aim to give you the best wedding loans in NZ. Rather than using a credit card to pay off the event, we can offer lower repayments, so you can manage the full cost easier, and budget for the repayments with certainty.

Apply online

Complete our simple online loan application form. It only takes a couple of minutes!

Competitive rates

Your application will be reviewed by one of our team ASAP, and we will send you a response as fast as we can. In some cases, this may be the next business day.

Get paid

Once your application is accepted, the money is deposited in your bank account! It couldn’t be easier.

Enjoy planning your wedding

By taking financing out of the equation, you can make the process that much easier. We offer fast, easy, and ethical financing options, so you can count on us to support you on your big day—there’s a reason we’ve been New Zealand’s favourite wedding loan lenders for nearly three decades!

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$200 - $20,000

If you have all of the required documents to support your loan application, we can process a loan in less than two hours.

Our interest rate varies. It is dependent on a number of factors, such as the security offered for the loan and the duration of the loan. Once determined, the interest rate is fixed for the term of the loan.

Our repayment period is from three months to a maximum of 36 months, from $30 per week.

Yes, normal lending criteria applies.

It depends, give us a call and we can do a credit check to see if we can help.

You must be at least 18 years of age to apply for any form of credit or finance.

See “Repay A Loan” in our Resources section for more information.

We lend on cars, furniture and property. There must be no money owing on your security. If a balance remains, we can sometimes pay this out and build the cost into your personal loan.

If you are unable to provide security, it may be that your situation allows us to lend you an unsecured loan up to the value of $1500. Otherwise, you can arrange a Guarantor. The Guarantor follows the same procedure as if they were borrowing the money and must have suitable security.

Yes we can refinance your loan if you have a good repayment history with us, clear credit and affordability.

Yes, but please note there may be an early repayment fee.

Here to give you a helping hand

Our friendly team are here to help you throughout the entire lending process.