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Lifestyle / 30th August 2021

Short-Term Loans: Here’s Why They’re Great

Benefits of getting a holiday loan.

Applying for a loan is now easier and more accessible than ever, but with every financial decision comes the responsibility of thoroughly researching what’s best for your needs, including choosing between a short-term loan or a long-term loan. Here, we look deeper into short-term fast loans and the potential benefits they have.

Short-term versus long-term loans

Longer-term loans typically mean smaller monthly repayments. However, some people prefer a shorter repayment period to lower installments, as the greater duration of the loan can strain finances in the long run. Borrowers on a longer loan length may also end up paying more in interest.

With short term loans, you can repay the loan faster, meaning you can plan your monthly payments out over a shorter time period, so you don’t need to estimate where your finances will be in the future. Many individuals also opt for shorter loans as they can borrow money and pay it back quickly, helping build their credit scores and therefore enabling them to take out a larger loan at a lower interest rate.

Benefits of short-term loans

  • • Fast approval.

    When you need quick access to cash, you can rely on short-term loans to get the financing you need, as short-term loans tend to have high approval ratings. Your application can be approved within a few hours or a few days, depending on the lender, and some lenders may give you access to funds within the same day of approval.

  • • Potential for lower interest.

    Because short-term loans enable you to pay back over a shorter period, you will pay less interest. This means you’re able to save money even though repayments may be slightly higher compared to getting a long-term loan.

  • • Boosts your credit rating.

    If you happen to have poor credit history, you can choose to apply for a short-term loan to improve your credit score. If you repay your debts on time, you will boost your credit rating and increase your chances for loan approvals with better terms in the future.

  • • Offers flexibility.

    You can apply for a short-term loan whenever you need one, and depending on the specifics, short-term loans can better provide financing and duration options that suit your personal financial circumstances.

  • • More predictable.

    As we’ve mentioned, it can be challenging to know exactly where your finances will stand in the distant future. With a short-term loan, it’s easier to plan your budget, so you can be sure you’re paying your dues on time.

  • • Reduces stress.

    Owing money for long periods and watching interest rates increase can put pressure on your emotional health and wellbeing. With short-term loans, you’ll have more confidence that you can pay off the debt quicker, freeing you from financial burden faster.

Apply for a loan you can pay off fast!

Short-term loans can be a great way to finance your personal or business needs without the burden of paying off high-interest rates over longer periods. Apply for a quick personal loan online! At MoneyShop, you can access fast and easy loans between $200 to $20,000, and get approval in hours. Get in touch with us today!