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The Kiwi investment opportunity offering great returns

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The year 2020 has been uncertain and unexpected. At a time like this, where can investors turn to for reliable returns?

The average term deposit is paying under 1 per cent interest. Stock markets are performing well but they can be a risky prospect in uncertain times. Property values in New Zealand are skyrocketing but investors should be wary of putting all their eggs in one (admittedly lucrative) basket.

MoneyShop is a New Zealand owned and operated personal loan lender that offers an innovative alternative investment with 7.5 per cent returns guaranteed by its owners.

moneyshop investment team

MoneyShop is still privately owned by New Zealanders and offers friendly, personalised service.

A Kiwi success story

Around 28 years ago, an enterprising Kiwi named Warren Cardno was writing a software package for a personal loan lender. Halfway through, he decided this was something he could do himself, and from that idea he started MoneyShop.

Warren and wife Dawn opened the first branch in Otahuhu, Auckland in the Lange Homestead, a building which once housed David Lange's father's medical practice. MoneyShop developed a friendly, customer-focused reputation which proved a winner and soon the Cardno's had opened a further five branches throughout Auckland and Northland.

MoneyShop Chief Executive Officer Howard Baker says after all these years the company still retains those core values:

"Today, MoneyShop is still privately owned by New Zealanders and offers the same friendly, personalised service. We're also offering opportunities to eligible investors with guaranteed returns."

moneyshop investment team

MoneyShop offers opportunities to eligible investors with guaranteed returns.

How MoneyShop offers guaranteed returns

When you invest with MoneyShop, you're essentially buying the cashflow of a MoneyShop Loan, Baker says.

Investors will receive repayments on the principal amount and fixed interest payments of 7.5 per cent every month over the entire loan term (average loan term is about 18 months).

And while there are a few other companies in New Zealand offering a similar investment Baker says MoneyShop's offering has one key difference from most of them - they are guaranteeing returns. If the borrower stops making repayments, MoneyShop will handle all debt recovery and promises to continue making payments to investors until the loan is settled.

"Essentially, you're getting some of the benefits of being a personal loan lender without most of the risk that usually comes with the territory," Baker said.

After almost three decades of accepting investments, Baker says MoneyShop has a spotless record:

"We haven't missed an investor payment in 28 years. I also know all of our investors by first name and I've got one that calls me every week to have a chat! We're still very much running MoneyShop as a friendly family type business."

MoneyShop has plans to expand into online lending in 2021 and is seeking eligible investors.

To find out if you're eligible to invest enquire now or give Howard at MoneyShop a call to enquire.

Disclaimer: MoneyShop cannot address any enquiries or accept any investments from persons to whom a regulated offer is required to be made under Financial Markets Conduct Act 2013 (FMCA). MoneyShop is currently able to accept investments from certain wholesale investors, under the FMCA, who have a net worth in excess of $5 million or who invest $750,000 or more.

MoneyShop is currently able to accept investments from certain wholesale investors, under the FMCA, who have a net worth in excess of $5 million or who invest $750,000 or more.

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