Non-Procrastinator's Guide to Buying Christmas Gifts

christmas tree in front blurry family in background

Christmas is known to be the most expensive time of the year. The wrap-sappiest, cash-munching season, when our wallets get thin from all the late night shopping. Whether we’re buying gifts for family, friends, a special someone, or hosting a Christmas party, or making a huge donation to churches - the list of things to spend is never ending when it comes to the December holidays.

If today sounds too early to deal with Christmas shopping, think again. Putting off buying gifts until closer to the big day means you will likely be spending more than you need to. Don’t let this be the year of last minute Christmas gift shopping that could place you in a nasty overdraft or credit card fees. To save yourself time, money and eventual stress, MoneyShop has created a quick guide to buying Christmas gifts early.

Plan Out Your Spending

Make a list of the types of gift you will be giving and divide it according to most expensive to least expensive. Usually gadgets, fragrance, brands, or specific item someone has requested would be on the most expensive list whereas toys, dolls, clothing, and sweet treats would fall into the least expensive. Planning out your gift expenses early can help you save money through comparison shopping or taking advantage when the item goes on sale.

Keep an Eye Out for Sales

You can definitely pick up some great bargains way before the pre-Christmas sale rush. Also, there is always that one person that is always hard to shop for so by shopping early you have more time to find a decent gift for them, all within your budget. If you’re worried something might be cheaper from pre-Christmas sales, simply find out what the return policy is before you buy. Most shops will offer a seven-day money back guarantee, under circumstances of course.

Buy in Bulk Where Possible

Many times during the Christmas holidays you attend last-minute parties, get togethers, or work Christmas office party, and you’ll need to bring an extra gift which can throw off your December budget. Prepare for the occasion and purchase two or more of the same gift from your list or from a sale you spotted that you can gift for those Christmas parties.

Make Gifts Ahead of Time

There’s nothing wrong with homemade gifts and most times those that you give it to appreciate the time spent on their gift. With a few months to go before Christmas day you’re well in advance to make that special homemade Christmas craft or DIY. Spend some time looking online for your favourite project and what supplies you’ll need. Making gifts ahead of time can work in your favour especially if you start a project and realise it's beyond your skill level, there’s still time to try something else.

Buying Christmas gifts early takes the pressure off on the December month and leaves you time to leisurely spend with family and friends, after all, isn’t that what the holidays are really about? At MoneyShop we know that time with loved ones is important especially in the holiday. With 18 weeks to go before Christmas, we want to make it simple for you to have the Christmas you and your family deserve. Contact us and get in touch with our experts.