MoneyShop Can Help You Keep Happy, Healthy & Warm This Season

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It’s tempting to postpone calling the repairman if you’re having trouble with your heat pump, especially if you’re not sure how to pay for the services. And if you need a whole new heat pump, you’re looking at a pretty big financial hit.

If you don’t have a squeaky clean credit score, it’s easy to get discouraged. But the fact is, there are other financing options that can help you with servicing your heat pump or purchase a brand new heat pump system through a personal loan.

Heat Pumps Are an All Year Round Comfort

Heat pumps are especially good during the winter season as it keeps the house warm by drawing in the heat energy outdoors. And, over summer it can cycle in reverse and expel heat from the house and keep cool air in, so it pays to have it working at its full capacity. Most common heat pump service can be a standard clean of $70, but for a full heat pump service you may be looking at over $400. If your heat pump is beyond repair or want to install a new unit , you can expect to pay over $1500 including installation.

It’s best to get your heat pump repaired as soon as you notice something is off. Minor issues left attended can cause major damage and may require you to replace the unit entirely.

Apply For a Quick Personal Loan

Financing for a repair in your heat pump can be quick and easy through MoneyShop’s QuickFix Loans. With no interest and low setup fee, you can sort your heat pump issue quick and easy. If you’re looking to purchase a new heat pump unit for the coming season get in touch with MoneyShop and apply for a personal loan. MoneyShop online loan applications are easy and straightforward, with financing assistance available.

Get in touch with MoneyShop today and let us help you get the heat pump financing you need to stay happy, healthy and warm this season.