6 Ways To Keep Your Home Warm This Winter


With winter already here, many of you are thinking about ways to keep your house warm. At MoneyShop, we understand the importance of timely winter-proofing and how costly it can be.

Here are 6 simple ways to keep your family warm and comfortable all winter long:

Install radiator valves

Research shows that thermostats and thermostatic radiator valves help reduce energy consumption by 40%. Installing them in your house will help you with both temperature control and energy conservation. Thermostats and valves allow you to pre-set temperature for your home, allowing you to make your home warm and comfortable, without wasting too much electricity.  

Stick to pocket-friendly home insulators

Home Depot stocks wall insulators made from recycled denim, a material that’s known to absorb and retain heat. Using this as insulation during winter can help you keep your house warm at a very low cost. Fiberglass and foam insulators are other extremely pocket-friendly wall insulations that you can consider to insulate your walls and roof with.

Bring out the curtains

Thick curtains absorb heat from sunlight and during summer heat up your rooms to uncomfortable degrees. But during winter, these very curtains are a godsend. Curtains with a thick thermal lining and PVC shower curtains are the best options for winter. When it starts to get cold, replace your light summer curtains with thicker ones and pull the drapes close to increase the surface area of the curtain. The larger the surface area, the more uniform will be the heating.

Draught-proof your windows and doors

The seals on your doors and windows wear out over time. It’s important to re-seal them to avoid letting in cold air, ice and snow. But, you don’t need to hire specialists to re-seal your windows and doors. Purchase DIY self-adhesive sealants that you can apply to the doors and windows in a jiffy.

Have unused vents closed

Vents are the passages that lead the cold air around your home. Keeping them open when not using them can lead to cold draughts in your home. The best way to prevent this is to close any open vents that are currently unused.

Cover the pipes with rubber sleeves

Available in any home improvement store, rubber pipe sleeves are reasonably priced and are extremely useful in preventing the icing up of your house's pipes. Rubber sleeves can help keep your water safe from freezing temperatures and will ensure that your pipes don't crack or burst due to the ice.